New Materials
The Sigma Group started studying the possibility of creating environmentally friendly products from aluminum dross over 10 years ago in partnership with Shanghai Jiaotong University. From 2018 onwards the Sigma Group has been conducting its own R&D and possesses the ability and technology for aluminum dross detoxification and the creation of new construction materials – synthetic stone and precast concrete. In addition the detoxified aluminum dross can also be used as mineral admixture to create high strength castable refractory materials and concrete pavement bricks.
Stone Market Showroom
Sigma Group Aluminum Dross Detoxification Products
 Inorganic Synthetic Stone (to replace natural stone)

  Precast Concrete Bricks (mainly used in outdoor plazas and walkways)

 Product Applications
Key Points for Sigma’s Detoxification of Aluminum Dross:
1. Large Processing Capacity
2. Fluorine removal of over 99.99%
3. No fluoride containing wastewater
4. No secondary pollution and no equipment corrosion issues