Magnificent Workshops
 In order to change the general public’s view of the recycling industry, we have designed our scrap processing and smelting facilities in an innovative way to ensure a comfortable working environment.  
  All of the metal scrap is stored under roof to provide a shelter for employees to work in during all types of weather, and to keep runoff rainwater from being contaminated.
  Much thought has been given to the layout of the working area so that tasks can be done in a safe and efficient manner.
Working in Paradise
 The Shanghai Sigma plant was specifically designed with employees in mind. Indoors, you will find amenities including an Internet Cafe, convenience store, laundry shop, gym, VIP restaurant, wet bar, and karaoke bars.
 Outdoors, you will find a basketball court, soccer field, boat dock, lakeside cafe barbecue area, and 3 kilometers of fishing/boating canals giving one the impression of being in a luxury resort. The landscaping consists of numerous waterfalls with exotic plants situated among rolling green hills.
  Not only are the recreational areas of this country club style factory beyond expectations, but the office buildings and living quarters also provide a comparable amount of luxury and state-of-the-art facilities.  The entire plant is networked with high-speed fiber optic cables enabling real-time data and video transmission.
 The conference center, complete with multimedia system, is located in the main office building and is capable of hosting an international conference of 200 people.
 We believe quality work and performance can only come from motivated employees, and that is the basis behind the investment in our Sigma Wonderland.