The Sigma Group, founded in 1978, primarily focuses on secondary aluminum smelting and metal scrap trading. Sigma has sizeable plants in Taiwan (Kaohsiung) and China (Zhejiang, Binzhou, Chongqing, Rizhao, Changchun, Chengdu, Baotou, and Gongyi), sales offices in Dongguan and Zhangzhou, as well as international trading offices in New York, USA and Tokyo, Japan. Sigma employs over 1300 employees and has an annual turnover of over 8 billion RMB. The Sigma Group plays a vital role in the global aluminum recycling ecosystem, processing scrap metal from sources such as shredded autos to produce specification aluminum alloys. The finished products are sold to manufacturers of auto and motorcycle parts, home appliances, and other industrial and commercial products.

    Sigma Brothers, Inc., was founded in 1981 in Kaohsiung, and is presently the headquarters of our metals operation. Throughout the years, smelting of secondary aluminum alloy ingots and non-ferrous scrap metal trading has become the main focus for the Sigma Group.

    The Sigma Group now operates nine smelting plants. The Kaohsiung aluminum alloy smelting plant was established in 1987, with monthly capacity of 6,000 mt. The Chongqing plant has a monthly capacity of 10,000 mt, the Rizhao plant 10,000 mt, the Chengdu plant 5,000 mt, the Changchun plant 6,500mt, the Baotou plant 10,000mt, the Binzhou plant 8,000mt (phase 1), and the Gongyi plant 8,000mt (phase 1). The Zhejiang plant has a monthly capacity of 10,000 mt of aluminum alloy ingots, 3,000 mt of aluminum die-cast parts, 3,000 mt of direct molten aluminum delivery, and 1,500 mt of zinc alloy ingots. The Sigma Group currently has an annual production capacity of roughly 1,000,000 mt.

    Sigma is capable of producing hundreds of types of alloys for the casting and die-casting industries, for delivery in ingot or liquid metal form. We own three LME-registered brands of aluminum alloy ingots: "SBI" for Kaohsiung, "SIGMA" for Shanghai, and "ZSM" for Zhangzhou. We have adopted ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, and IATF16949 standards as the guidelines for our entire operation, and were also awarded the honorary title of "Model Enterprise for the Circular Economy" by China's National Development and Reform Commission.

    Sigma adheres to the spirit of safeguarding the environment, realizing limitless recycling of limited resources, and promoting scientific advancement. From 2017 to present, Sigma has established 4 Environmental Technology companies in Chongqing, Baotou, Binzhou, and Gonyi; their goal to study and produce high value-added environmentally friendly products from aluminum dross. Utilizing new aluminum dross recycling technology Sigma strives to achieve the goal of zero waste. Sigma has already successfully created new daily use materials, and has applied to the China National Intellectual Property Administration for invention patents.

     In April 2004, the Sigma Group and Daiki Aluminum Industry jointly founded Daiki-Sigma Engineering (China) Inc. Its primary purpose is to deal with the designs, production, and sales of various types of furnaces for the aluminum casting industry. Examples include melting furnaces, holding furnaces, and crucible furnaces. It also provides technical advice and support for related matters.

   The Sigma Group will always diligently adhere to its principles of honesty and integrity, conservation, and environmental protection so that it may achieve its goal - RECYCLING FOR A BETTER TOMORROW.